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About HostYourTalent

Welcome to, the online talent host broadcasting web site .... helping talented individuals of all ages (singers, musicians, dancers, photographers, models etc.) to be discovered. This can open doors for you to achieve your dreams and or your career aspirations.

Launched in March 2011, HostYourTalent is the future of online talent broadcasting used by many throughout the world. Create your talent profile to host and promote your talent in the hope of becoming a star, whether you are just starting out or you just need to re-ignite your career and share your talent with the world and get recognised.

If your a music producer, talent agency or talent scout, promote your company and artists as well as search for fresh new talent/ artists, advertise auditions and promote your services.

How it Works?
HostYourTalent Services

HostYourTalent designs posters, flyers and wesbites to further promote your talent or business. We also offer information about talent management to give you futher insight into the business aspect of being a music artist. You can also place ads to promote talent and non-talent related services.

HostYourTalent Profile Types

Individual Profile:

Select this option for individual talent hosting. This respresents the talent profle that a person or individual will create. This is the default profile.

Group Profile:

Select this option for group talent hosting. This represents the talent profile that a group will create i.e. A band, dance crew etc.  

Company Profile:

Select this option for company talent hosting. This represents the talent profile that a company will create. This profile applies to Talent and Music companies, music producers, scouts, agents and industry professionals.

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